Full video based courses

Course on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing : Basic Concepts

Learning outcomes

- The basic concepts of Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing

- How to apply GD&T to a part drawing

- Why is GD&T needed and what are its advantages over the traditional method

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Course on Introduction to Vehicle dynamics

Learning outcomes

- Build a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts which are at work in a vehicle which is in motion.

- Learn how to design a Basic suspension from scratch

- Build conceptual understanding of parameters of suspension design

- Learn the basics of Vibration isolation  and what is damping in suspensions?

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Course on Sheet metal design :Principles and practice along with Projects

Learning outcomes

- How to design effectively with sheet metal

- Guidelines to be followed when designing for sheet metal

- Understand the mechanisms at play behind the factors considered in design

- How Material properties affect the Part quality and design considerations

- Learn how to design simple sheet metal brackets from a problem statement.

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Course on Mechanical Product development 

Learning outcomes

- How a product idea is converted into a product

- How to generate Ideas and concepts and how to evaluate them.

- The Product architecture and modularity concepts in mechanical designs

- The complete process as to how a complex system like a car is developed from a plan

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Course on Automotive Engineering - Performance 

Learning outcomes

- What is acceleration and top speed performance what limits it?

- What is Braking performance and the Importance of ABS

- What is NVH and Ride vibrations, how are they dealt with?

- What do you mean by vehicle durability and aspects related to structural strength?

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