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    Collection of all Udemy courses

    Case Study 1 - Frame stiffness analysis

    A case study to examine variation of stiffness for different ...

    Design Project 2 - Flag pole bracket

    An attempt to design mounting concepts for a flag pole

    E-book - Learning Guide for Design engineers

    A Level based curriculum for learning design engineering

    CAD project 3 - Propeller blades

    A CAD workflow to design propeller blades in Fusion

    CAD project 2 - Surface design

    Surfacing design in fusion 360 using Patch

    CAD project 1 - Machine part 1

    CAD design of a simple machine part in Fusion 360

    Design project - Awning support link

    A Design problem to demonstrate the mechanical design process.

    Twist beam suspension

    A short description of Twist beam suspension

    Wheel Alignment angles

    The effect of wheel alignment on vehicle dynamics.

    GD& T Terminology

    What are the basic terms used in GD&T ?

    Roll centre in Vehicle dynamics

    Importance of roll center from design perspective

    Leaf spring suspension

    A look at the parts of the solid axle leaf ...

    Mechanical properties- Introduction

    A brief introduction to mechanical properties which matter for design.

    Hydraulic Steering system- Parts

    What are the parts and their functions in a hydraulic ...

    Double Wishbone system

    What parts make up a double wishbone suspension system?

    GD & T symbols - 2

    An introduction to GD&T symbols - 2

    GD & T symbols - 1

    An Introduction to the symbols in GD & T - ...

    Types of Mechanical systems

    What are the different types of systems dealt with by ...

    Advantages of GD & T

    Why is GD&T preferred over Co-ordinate tolerancing?

    Introduction to Design for manufacturing & assembly

    A brief introduction to DFMA practice

    Mechanical design process

    A brief explanation of the Mechanical design process

    Steering systems - Introduction

    An introduction to steering system in vehicles.

    Introduction to Vehicle suspensions

    A Basic introduction to vehicle suspensions

    Vehicle dynamics- Elementary level

    A Basic introduction to Vehicle dynamics

    Manufacturing Processes

    A short introduction to manufacturing processes and their selection criteria

    Materials Selection

    A short introduction to Material selection process.

    Engineering Analysis

    Introduction to Engineering analysis in product design

    Design Engineering

    The roles , activities and required skills for a design ...

    Product development Process

    The process of product development for manufacturing

    Primer to Product development

    A basic introduction on product development