Work profiles

Design engineer - Works to conceptualize ideas using tools like CAD and convert them to reality in form of products to manufacture them.

Production engineer – Works on the assembly line co ordinating and managing activities to ensure the assembly line runs at maximum productivity, sorting issues regularly

Quality engineer – Works on ensuring the parts or products being manufactured meet quality standards set by the organization and avoid defected products reaching the customers.

Supply chain / procurement engineer – Works along with design and manufacturing teams to arrange parts from suppliers as per timelines. They are actively involved with the supplier, improving their processes and ensuring quality.

Validation/ test engineer – Works with design engineers to ensure designs meet the requirements set out to achieve through Lab testing, field testing and accelerated testing methods.

Simulations / CAE engineer / Engineering analyst – Work along with design engineer to validate designs in the virtual domain through computational methods of CAE like FEA, CFD etc. They have in depth knowledge of the computation tools and devise methods to deal with design problems

R&D engineer – Works towards the improvement of designs, processes through adapting new technologies, new materials and new processes, sometimes the design engineering and R&D roles may be clubbed if the systems are not too complex.

Service or Maintenance engineer – Works to solve problems after the products are in the hands of the customers, dealing with failures and timely rectification is a part of their responsibilities

Applications engineer – Works along with clients or customers and make sales of products by helping the customer in his applications. They are also called technical Sales engineers

Site engineer – Work on for co-ordination, supervision of activities at the site (mostly for construction and Oil and gas industries) ensuring the establishment and commissioning of machinery.

Project engineer – Works on coordination, management and follow up of activities in a project (irrespective of field) . They are not directly responsible for technical decisions but need to ensure delivery and completion of projects.

Costing engineer- Work on the costing aspect of product design and development, working out product costs, process costs and other costs like overhead through technical analysis and feasibility studies.

Manufacturing engineer – Work on designing new processes or methods of manufacture and assembly. Also, on decision making regarding manufacturing system layouts in the plant otherwise called process engineers.