Type of design problems

Design improvement

Issue resolution - Solving performance issues in current products or systems. Preparing plans to rectify problems in operation or assembly of products using the engineering design process.

Robust design- Improving the quality of the designs - Work on creating more robust and repeatable designs for production.

Failure corrective action - Rectification of failures or replacing a faulty hardware – Catering to instances of failure in the product and providing short term and then long-term solutions to the problems in failure.

Design optimization

Weight and cost reduction - Coming up with solutions to weight reduction, cost reduction – Analysing designs structurally and functionally to find areas of opportunity of weight and cost reduction

Function enhancement Coming up with solutions to enhance the function – Optimizing design to enhance the product by adding features

Design for manufacturing and assembly - Coming up with solutions to enhance the manufacturing ease – Optimizing the design to make design more profitable in manufacturing

New design

Generating new solutions to solve problems – Requires good amount of original thinking and trial and error. Example: Designing a completely new type of machine for a specific purpose.

In new design , engineers start with just the requirements and proceed to convert those requirements into product specifications