Surfacing in CAD Design

Surfacing is a modelling technique in CAD and is primarily used for design of Automotive, Aerospace Sheetmetal panels with high precision and smoothness.

Surfacing is different from solid modelling - which is the basic type of 3D modelling technique. Differentiating fact being that the Math used for their construction in computer graphics is different. 

In terms of application solid modelling techniques are used when the part to be made doesn’t have too much hollow spaces and is not much complex in terms of its external surfaces.

Surface modelling is more suited to applications where a shell like structure is needed and there multi-planar surfaces on the external features. Hence , surfacing is used to model any aesthetic surfaces whether it be for engineering products or any animation. Surface modelling becomes default in those areas.

Which type of parts are designed using surfacing?

·         Automotive Body Panels

·         Aeroplane body panels

·         Chassis components manufactured through Sheet metal

·         Plastic parts with complex organic shapes.