Industries for Mechanical engineers

Automotive industry

This industry deals with Design, testing and manufacture of passenger and commercial vehicles. All of these activities require good amount of engineering talent to deliver reliable vehicles. The companies which sell the end user vehicles are called The Original Equipment manufacturers (OEM) and these companies are supported by component manufacturers and ancillaries which form clusters of manufacturing. OEMs include Ford, Mahindra, TATA and Major component manufacturers include Bosch , Valeo ,Delphi , Magna etc. The automotive industry forms a large chunk of employment for mechanical engineers as vehicles are predominantly mechanical systems.

Industrial machinery and products

These companies design and manufacture all types of industrial products including machine tools, cranes, hoists, gearboxes etc. Improvement and New product development in these product lines require mechanical engineering knowledge and hence they are one of the major employers of mechanical engineers. Jointly with Automotive industry they employ the large chunk of engineers in India. Example: Honeywell, Schlumberger, Caterpillar,

Oil & Gas and Marine Industry

Offshore activities which include marine engineering and establishment of Oil and Gas rigs involves maintenance of existing machinery and infrastructure and commissioning of new machinery on offshore platforms. Mechanical engineers are employed to fore see the installation and maintenance related activities. Design and Testing of the elaborate mechanical systems is handled by mechanical engineers.

Ship building and ship maintenance is in itself a huge field and requires good understanding of hydrostatic and fluid dynamics a sub field under mechanical engineering.

Energy industry

Powerplants of Renewable and non-renewable energy systems are designed and maintained by engineers with a mechanical background. The thermal systems which form the basis of power generation dealing with Heat transfer and Energy conversion are designed and maintained by mechanical engineers. Example : mechanical engineers are involved in the Wind turbine blade design for Wind power systems, or the Heat exchanger design in Solar powerplants.


Aeronautical industry

This industry deals with Design, testing and manufacture of aircraft. Research in multiple areas like Fluid dynamics, Structures, mechanisms is driven by mechanical engineers. Aircraft manufacturing is a major undertaking and requires precision and first-time right engineering. The work involves multi-disciplinary teams designing complex mechanical, thermal and mechatronic systems. Example: ISRO, HAL , DRDO


Construction and Infrastructure sector

Large construction projects like Dams, Bridges, Road laying all require special machinery for accomplishing the tasks. These machineries are designed and maintained by mechanical engineers.

In terms of domestic construction, one specific area is the Design and installation of HVAC systems (Heating ventilation and Air conditioning). HVAC engineers design the mechanical systems which work to provide centralised air conditioning.

Consumer and Medical products

The Design and manufacturing of every functional product which we use from a washing machine, hair dryer to a Trimmer requires mechanical engineering knowledge. Medical products made for specific clinical or diagnostic purposes would generally have engineers involved in its design and manufacturing.

Engineering services

These companies act as service providers to primary manufacturing and infrastructure-based organizations. Engineers working in this field generally work on functions which are outsourced by the clients like CAD, CAE, testing or even product development. They form a big chunk of employment and aid the other manufacturing industries.

Aerospace and Defence 

Design of spacecraft, Military aircraft, Tanks, guns artillery and Weapons systems predominantly require engineers from mechanical background working in multi-disciplinary teams.

General manufacturing

If any part or product has been made through mass manufacturing methods, it is highly probable that a mechanical engineer has been involved in its conceptualization and implementation.

Mechanical engineering knowledge enables companies to bring ideas to life and make reliable, safe and durable products for customers.