Future of Mechanical engineering in India

Most mechanical engineers are employed in the manufacturing industry. Growth in manufacturing activities will directly translate to increase in value of the profession .

Engineering skill set and knowledge will be one of the biggest driving force behind product development, innovation, Intellectual property (patents) and quality of manufacturing in India.

Manufacturing competitiveness is a term used to describe a Nations relative ability to manufacture goods sellable in the international market.

A report was released by the consulting company Delloitte in 2016 which compares the performance of all industrial the nations with respect to this parameter and projects the future growth - Global Manufacturing competitiveness index (GMCI) 

As per 2016 report, the rank of India is 11th but as per projections in 2020 this rank would raise to 5th. This means that immense growth is projected in the Indian manufacturing sector such that it becomes comparable to the likes of China, Japan. This would be a major jump. This time is one of the crucial periods for Indian manufacturing.

To accomplish this, India needs talent

As per the report, Number 1 driver for global manufacturing competitiveness is Talent.

Talent includes skills and knowledge to use existing technologies to create products as well as create new technologies through research.

Another graph which shows the talent shortage in countries also highlights the actual gap between the industry requirement and university output. 

India has a shortage of talent of 58 %,  the industries are unable to fill vacancies for skilled engineers, even though India creates millions of engineers every year.

This shows that there is a big demand for skilled engineers but the skill and knowledge level just doesn't match up to requirement - This is the main issue- Education

Also, this shows that there will be huge potential growth in manufacturing sector.

Promising developments which will lead to this change

Make in India and Start-up India campaign

More Foreign direct investment.

Increased R&D spending

More infrastructure being built to encourage innovation.

International MNCS setting up R&D centres in India.

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Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index 2016 - Deloitte