Evolution of systems


Due to increasing digitalization, most mechanical products nowadays have a strong element of electronics as well as software connected to them. This has led to emergence of the field of mechatronics.

Increasing proliferation of electronics improves the functionality of existing mechanical systems and opens up a huge world of possibilities in what can be done with machines.

Robotics is a rapidly expanding field of study along with Artificial intelligence and machine learning which are aimed towards making machines more intelligent and self-dependent.

These developments mean that design engineers who were working solely in mechanical design till now would require to develop knowledge in fields of electronics, control systems, programming to understand and implement these on mechatronic systems.

The progression of intelligent machines generally takes place as such.


Mechatronic systems can be predominantly mechanical or predominantly electronic depending on application.

Nonetheless knowledge of control engineering, programming and electronics will become must have for future design engineers. The line between the core fields of mechanical, electronic and software will increasingly be blurred.