Departments in Automotive industry

Design and development

Industrial design- They are tasked with generating concepts of the car as it looks and feels. They make computer models, clay models and sketches to represent their work.

Design engineering – they are responsible for designing the individual systems like body, chassis, engines from the start to finish. They take ownership of each aspect of the design.

CAE – The simulations team work closely with the design team to evaluate and verify designs at the initial stage of product development.

Testing - After the designs are virtually validated, they are tested either in the lab or the field

Development of parts – Once the design engineers release the designs they need to be developed by engaging suppliers and co ordinating with them to get the designs production ready in time for start of production.


Process engineering – Vehicle Assembly- They design the process around the product (vehicle). The functioning of the assembly line, sequencing of the operations of vehicle assembly and the arrangement of tools are all decided by the process engineers.

Production – They ensure the production of the vehicle is in full flow, sorting out issues along the way which may limit the output and affect volume of production. Issues like breakdown of machinery, stoppage of line and man management.

Quality - They are tasked with ensuring that each vehicle which goes out of the plant is defect free and the defective vehicles are being taken care of. Separate teams deal with quality at the supplier ends for components which go in the assembly.

Marketing and sales

Sales – Direct interface with customers, would be occupied in dealing with customers and making sales, also attend to any field issues raised by them.

Marketing – These are the people who do the advertisements, branding and promotion campaigns of the vehicles.

Product planning – They are responsible for preparing product plans at the start of the project and interact early with the industrial design team to get the concept right.