Cost of Bad design

The Design team is the most important and core team of any product engineering project.

The failure of a component or a part in the field if termed as a design failure can incur huge costs for the manufacturer.

The cost of design correction increases as the product lifecycle advances from the design, development to manufacturing and then in the hands of the customer.

This is why robust validation processes are important to ensure the failure mode is captured during inhouse validation rather than it being captured in the hands of the customer.

Why is it costly?

When a design fails during testing, the design can be corrected, and the new prototype is build

When the design fails after manufacturing processes are set then the whole manufacturing setup has to be changed – higher cost

But when the design fails in the hand of the customer the reputation of the manufacturer is tarnished and it faces a loss of revenue intangible due to loss of trust from customer and the cost of replacement through warranty.

So, attention to detail and complete validation is key to a successful design effort to avoid such failures.