Automotive designer vs Engineer

Automobiles are designed and engineered in teams and generally for any major product development effort the design is done in two steps.

-      Aesthetic Design

-      Engineering design

The Aesthetic design is done by Industrial designers who are artists and conceptualize their designs through Sketches, 3D models, clay models

The Design engineers then take that concept model and build the functional elements in and around it.

A comparison table to compare both roles in the development of a vehicle


Automotive Designer

Automotive engineer

Designs the aesthetic features, look and feel of the Interiors and Exteriors of the car. 

Designs and engineers teh systems and components which make up the functional elements of car.

They don’t work on the functional aspect of the car rather only on how the customer perceives the vehicle in look and feel.

Works on the functional elements of the design towards reliability, durability and safety

Works with market research team and product planning to establish the initial concept of the car.

Works with the manufacturing team to establish the manufacturing strategy of the  car.

The outputs are transferred to the engineering team.

Their outputs in the form of design documents are transferred to the manufacturing and testing teams.

Their designs are validated visually and through experiences rather than physical testing.

Their designs are validated on test rigs and actual operating conditions to ensure reliability and durability.