Design problem?

What is exactly a design problem?

Structure and mechanisms

The basic building blocks of machines.

Creative Nature of Mechanical design

Mechanical design is more creative than you think.

Cost of Bad design

What happens when things go wrong?

Importance of Practical knowhow

Why is practical hands on knowledge important ?

Evolution of systems

Gorwing need for multi disciplinary skill sets for mechanical engineers.

Career growth of design engineers

What are the prospects of growth for a design engineer in Auto industries?

3D printing potential

Potential of 3D printing in product development

Surfacing in CAD Design

What is Surfacing in CAD design

CAD softwares

Types of CAD softwares

Automotive designer vs Engineer

What is the difference between an industrial designer and engineer in automotive industry

Departments in Automotive industry

What are the departments in an Automotive product development organization

Type of design problems

what are the types of problems design engineers solve in their work?

Future of Mechanical engineering in India

What does the future hold for Indian mechanical engineers ?

Research Areas

Which are the fields where research is happening in mechanical engineer?

Knowledge in Mechanical engineering

Knowledge is an iceberg

Skills of Design engineer

Skills , knowledge and abilities required from a design engineer

Career paths in Mechanical engineering

What are the career paths for mechanical engineers in industry?

Industries for Mechanical engineers

Which industries employ mechanical engineers?

Work profiles

Job types and profiles of mechanical engineers in industry