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The Go-to learning destination for Mechanical design engineers

Relentless learning can help us design a better world around us.

Build a knowledge base in mechanical product development for designers through focused courses.

To equip young engineers with the engineering skills to innovate and develop new products

About the Platform

The Go-to learning destination for Mechanical design engineers

CEO and Founder Mechademic

"Knowledge is Power and Curiosity is the fuel which sustains that power

This is the principle I live my life by.

A mechanical engineer who has found the world of design and engineering as a fascinating place . A relentless learner and  curious mind with a hunger for knowledge.

As a working professional , beauty of mechanical design engineering appealed to me alot. I would always love a good problem to solve and designing solutions always occupied my thoughts. 

This platform is designed to educate budding engineers and help them in their journey of learning with an ultimate goal to compile a knowledge database in the form of categorised courses focussed on mechanical design engineering. The primary outcome would be to develop employability, capability for innovation and eventually generate entrepreneurial spirit in product development.

Content will be in the form of articles covering theory, subject matter, projects, case studies and tutorials.

So if you are a student in mechanical engineering or a working professional wanting to expand their knowledge base then this resource is for you.

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